ILCS Mid-Career Awards to Liquid Crystal Scientist from Britain

Ingo Dierking, (Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester), and Georg Mehl, (Organic Materials Chemistry, University of Hull), were honoured with the Mid-Career Awards, presented by the International Liquid Crystal Society at the ILCC2016 in Kent, Ohio. Read more here.

Ingo received the Samsung Award “for his pioneering research and continued leadership in the area of polymer stabilized liquid crystals and liquid crystal-nanotube hybrid systems. Also highly recognized are his dedicated contributions to the liquid crystal community in a wide range of executive capacity”.

Georg received the LG Award “for his pioneering research and continued leadership at the frontier of chemistry and materials sciences of novel thermotropic liquid crystals, which not only elucidated the fundamental governing principles of mesophases and made a ground breaking progress into new forms of liquid crystals”.