Note that all nominations are now assessed by an awards committee as detailed here and not by the BLCS committee as detailed below.

Rules for the Evaluation of Award Nominations

1. Each year, the Society’s Secretary will issue a call for nominations for the G.W. Gray Medal, the C. Hilsum Medal and the BLCS Young Scientist Award. The call shall be at least two months in advance of the advertised closing date. The call will be advertised on the Society’s website, by email to all active members of the Society and will be publicised by any other means deemed necessary to attract a strong field of candidates.

2. Members of the BLCS Committee may not be nominated for any of these awards during their term of office, although they may propose or second other candidates.

3. Nominations, in the form prescribed for each award, will be sent to the Secretary to arrive by the advertised closing date. It is the nominator’s responsibility to ensure that this deadline is met. The nomination may be submitted electronically or in hard copy. For electronic nominations, the nominator should email the nomination to the Secretary; the seconder will be contacted by the Secretary to confirm their support of the nomination. For hard copy nominations, the nomination letter should be signed by the nominator and the seconder.

4. Nominations for each award will be considered by the awards all members of the BLCS Committee and will be handled in confidence. Committee members will be asked to vote for up to three candidates, in order of preference. In the event that this voting does not produce a consensus, exhaustive ballots will be carried out, eliminating the candidate with the least number of votes, until a winner emerges. The voting will be coordinated and overseen by the Secretary and Chair. Detailed records will be kept, and the results of votes will be made available to the committee. Copies of all correspondence will be available to members of the Society in the case of legitimate dispute.

5. Conflict of Interest. A Committee member will be deemed to have a conflict of interest if a candidate belongs to the same institution, or if the Committee member and candidate are or have been related as PhD or postdoctoral supervisee/supervisor. Conflicts of interest may be declared or suggested for other reasons. Such conflicts of interest will be identified before full nomination papers are sent out and that member of the Committee will be excluded from evaluating nominations that relate to the conflict of interest.

6. The Committee may decline to make an award in any category in a particular year.

7. Awardees will be informed by the Society’s Chair in advance of the Annual Conference and will be expected to attend the Conference to receive their award and to meet any other obligations as set out for the particular award.