Sturgeon Lectureship

The Ben Sturgeon Lectureship is awarded by the BLCS in memory of Ben Sturgeon, who worked along with George Gray at BDH (now Merck) on some of the earliest LC materials to be used in displays. The Ben Sturgeon Lecturer is proposed by the Chair of each BLCS Annual Conference and the decision ratified by the Committee. The lecturer can be either UK based or international. The lecturer is required to attend the BLCS annual meeting where they will deliver the plenary paper at that conference. The BLCS will assist in covering the costs of the Ben Sturgeon lecturer attending the Annual Conference.

Previous Ben Sturgeon Lecturers:

2023: Francesca Serra
2022: Helen Gleeson
2021: Antal Jakli

2019: R. Pratibha
2018: Owen Lozman
2017: Bertrand Donnio
2016: Wilson Poon
2015: John Seddon
2014: Oleg Lavrentovich
2013: Peter Palffy-Muhoray
2012: Alejandro Rey

2011: Phil Bos
2010: J.L. Serrano
2009: G. Latterman
2008: Ben Feringa
2007: Carsten Tschierske
2006: John Lydon
2005: Bill Crossland
2004: Claudio Zannoni
2003: I C Khoo
2002: Harry Coles
2001: Geoffrey Luckhurst
2000: Frank Leslie
1999: Gordon Tiddy
1998: George Durand
1997: Atsuo Fukuda
1996: Bill Doane
1995: Peter Raynes
1994: Helmut Ringsdoff
1993: Martin Schadt
1992: George Gray