Hilsum Medal

The C. Hilsum Medal is awarded from time to time to, preferably, members of the Society and normally working in the UK. It was first awarded in 2006 to recognise the key role played by Cyril Hilsum, Head of the Malvern Displays Group, in the development of liquid crystal materials and displays. The medal is awarded for overall independent contributions to liquid crystal science and technology; such contributions would normally have been made in the ten years preceding nomination. The award will therefore be made to active, mid-career researchers who have made notable contributions to the subject over a number of years. The Award is open equally to those from academic and industrial backgrounds.

The recipient will give a short, post-dinner address at the Annual Conference of the Society and a description of the recipient’s work, written by the nominator, will appear in the Society’s Newsletter. Cyril Hilsum is informed of the selection on each occasion when an award is made.

Candidates require both a nominator and a seconder. The nominator must be a member of the Society. The nomination will take the form of no more than one side of A4.

Details of the nomination process can be foundĀ here.

Previous Hilsum Medalists:

2023: Tim Atherton
2022: No award
2021: Xiangbing Zeng
2020: Apala Majumdar
2019: Linda Hirst
2018: No award
2017: Nigel Mottram
2016: Andrew Cammidge
2015: Mikhail Osipov
2014: Tim Wilkinson
2013: Isabel Saez
2012: Doug Cleaver

2011: Corrie Imrie
2010: Mike Hird
2009: Ingo Dierking
2008: Sally Day
2007: Cliff Jones
2006: Helen Gleeson