Gray Medal


The G.W. Gray Medal of the British Liquid Crystal Society is awarded from time to time for outstanding contributions to research in the field of liquid crystal science and technology. It was first awarded in 1996, following the award of the Kyoto prize for Advanced Technology to George Gray. The award is open to nominees of all age groups, with the single criterion that nominations must be for seminal research contributions of international quality. The Award is open equally to those from academic and industrial backgrounds. The recipient will deliver a lecture at the Annual Conference of the Society and a description of the recipient’s work, written by the nominator, will appear in the Society’s Newsletter. The award takes the form of a silver medal.

Nominees require both a nominator and a seconder. The nominator must be a member of the British Liquid Crystal Society. The nomination will take the form of no more than one side of A4.

Details of the nomination process can be found here.

Previous GW Gray Medalists

2023: Victor Reshetnyak
2022: Claudio Zannoni
2021: Ingo Dierking
2020: Ewa Gorecka
2019: Corrie Imrie
2018: Dick Broer
2017: John Lydon
2016: Randall Kamien
2015: Cliff Jones
2014: Mark Warner
2013: Helen Gleeson

2012: Noel Clark
2011: Sven Lagerwal
2010: Martin Schadt
2009: B.K. Sadashiva
2008: Helmut Ringsdorf
2007: Bob Meyer
2006: Heino Finkelmann
2005: No award
2004: Bill Crossland
2003: Harry Coles
2002: Geoffrey Luckhurst
2001: Peter Raynes
2000: Lev Blinov
1999: David Dunmur
1998: Roy Sambles
1997: Frank Leslie
1996: John Goodby